The Weez Project

Raising youth mental health awareness in Hong Kong

Weez Wall of Hope

Reach out to someone you know who might be suffering from mental health, or reach out if you need help for yourself. We encourage people to TALK about their feelings, LISTEN attentively when others express their feelings, and show you CARE by doing something positive. Learn more about The Weez Wall of Hope...

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The Weez Project was set up in memory of Jamie Bruno

We are a community group that is working to increase awareness of youth mental health issues and campaigning to prevent youth suicide.

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How We Work

We are collaborating with and raising funds for specialist youth and mental health organisations who have the expertise to deliver practical, relevant programmes and information for Hong Kong’s youth and to provide accessible, expert resources to help young people and the adults around them.

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Read about our latest articles, fundraising activities and other events.

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Physical Distancing and Social Connectivity

We all know about social distancing as we combat Covid-19, and strive to keep the requisite 2m away from others. Language is important. What we’re actually doing is physical distancing. Great! While we keep apart physically, it’s important to continue to be socially connected. We need human contact now as much as ever, if not […]

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Protecting Body and Mind Amid Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us all the more aware of the need to protect our physical health and that of our family and friends. In these uncertain times, we are living with social distancing, self isolation and a steady stream of news from all over the world, not all of it founded in fact. […]

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Weez Week SCMP Article Ann Pearce

Ann calls for stigma to be tackled in Hong Kong

Ann Pearce talks to the South China Morning Post (SCMP) about losing her son, Jamie; that it’s okay to not be okay; how we can encourage people to talk about feelings, listen attentively to others, and show we care by doing something positive.

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How can I help?

Donate to the Weez Project or get involved by organising your own fund-raising event or challenge.
We welcome all ideas to support the project.

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