The Weez Project

Promoting youth mental health well-being

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The Weez Project is raising awareness about youth mental health in Hong Kong

We believe in prevention.

Our Mission

Our mission is for there to be help and support for young people in Hong Kong who are facing mental health challenges, especially those who are contemplating self-harm or suicide.

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Jamie's tag

Jamie's Story

The Weez Project was set up in memory of Jamie Bruno

Jamie was a vibrant, talented young man, creative and athletic. He was a passionate artist and contributor to the online street art and graffiti community. He had everything to live for and was full of so much exciting potential. So sadly, this potential was cut short far too young when out of the blue he took his life.

Weez is Jamie Bruno's tag. He developed this iconic image which can be seen around Hong Kong and all over the world, in places he visited and where he shared his stickers with other enthusiasts. Jamie created a number of images which are wide-spread online where he nurtured a keen and interested following.

The Weez Project has joined with the KELY Support Group to develop a series of preventative programmes:

  • Peer support programme to encourage young people to know how to help themselves and their friends.
  • Youth-run social media for positive messaging, support and proactive promotion of teen mental health.
  • A mental health programme for schools, with a special focus on suicide prevention.
Jamie's tag

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You can donate to the Weez Project through the Weez Project Simply Giving page Or direct to KELY Support, marking your donation to the Weez Project

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100% of profits go to support our chosen non-profit organisation KELY Support Group and all funds go towards helping the youth overcome challenges.

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The Weez Project recognises the skills and expertise of specialist organisations working in youth and mental health. We are pleased to be working with the KELY Support Group to deliver a series of preventative programmes. We are also pleased to be associated with Mind HK and will be working together on an important campaign to make a difference to Hong Kong’s young people.