About Us

The Weez Project was set up in memory of Jamie Bruno.

We are a community group that is working to increase awareness of youth mental health issues and campaigning to prevent youth suicide.

Our Vision

For there to be zero youth suicides in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

For there to be help and support for young people in Hong Kong who are facing mental health challenges, especially those who are contemplating self-harm or suicide.

Our Aims

  • To encourage young people to seek help for themselves and to help others.
  • To help educate teachers and parents to know more about mental health issues.
  • To advocate for improvements in youth mental health, including suicide prevention.

How We Work

We collaborate with and raise funds for specialist youth and mental health organisations who have the expertise to deliver practical, relevant programmes and information for Hong Kong’s youth and to provide accessible, expert resources to help young people and the adults around them.

We also campaign for suicide prevention and improved mental health support for young people.

KELY Support Group

The Weez Project has joined with the KELY Support Group on a series of preventative programmes:

  • Peer support to encourage young people to know how to help themselves and their friends
  • Youth-run social media for positive messaging, support and proactive promotion of teen mental health
  • A mental health programme for schools, with a special focus on suicide prevention


The Weez Project also supports Coolminds – a new, comprehensive youth mental health initiative led by KELY Support Group and Mind HK.

Coolminds aims to bring international best practice in youth mental health to Hong Kong and aid in the implementation of programmes for the prevention, early intervention, and management of youth mental health.