Mental Health Coping Strategies

Weez Project Hong Kong

A depressive mood or feelings of anxiety may occur from time to time or be more long term. Whatever you’re experiencing, it’s important to have effective ways of coping that protect your mental well-being. Positive coping strategies are when you are actively taking care of and being kind to yourself. Getting out into the great outdoors; taking exercise to release endorphins, awareness of your breath (don’t dismiss the calming effect of deep breathing!), taking note of what’s going on around you, talking to someone about how you feel, and generally connecting with others, getting creative w,relaxing with a book, movie or tv show. Sometimes it can be tempting to turn to other ways to cope, like alcohol or other substances, getting very upset or angry, blaming yourself for how you feel. Such strategies may give temporary relief, yet nothing more. Choose positive over negative and nurture your well-being.