Overcome Learned Helplessness: Learned Optimism

Learned optimism is a way of re-training the brain to think differently and the ability to see the possibilities of good ahead. No matter who you are or circumstance, anyone can learn the skills to become a more optimistic person in time.

For example, if someone has lost a close relationship, instead of putting themselves down, one needs to look ahead at the future possibilities. The common clichés ‘If one door closes another one will open’ and ‘people come, and people go’ common as they are may alleviate the negativity and powerless feelings associated with relationship endings.

Another example, if someone makes a mistake at work or school, one should realise the unfortunateness of the situation, but this doesn’t need to impact your character or worth as a person. It doesn’t mean that things are not going to get better, after all who doesn’t make mistakes in life

This article was kindly contributed by Sannah Siddique – Depression: The positive psychology approach. Sannah explains the theory below.

What is positive psychology?Positive psychology, founded by Martin Seligman, focuses on the science of what makes life most worth living. The splendour of this approach is that it focuses on the individual’s strengths as opposed to weaknesses. Which is important for those struggling in their attempt to be “normal” and teaches us how to maximise the potential for happiness for the everyday person.D