Managing the Festive Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year as the song goes, and it can definitely be a period of joy and comfort.
Christmas can also be a very difficult time for people facing any mental distress. Loneliness, sadness, worry and self-doubt can easily creep in. At this time of year it’s even more important than usual to be aware of yourself and of those around you. If you’re feeling rough and out of order, tune in to and be aware of these feelings and the emotions they generate. Try not to keep it to yourself. Why should you have to manage it all alone? Speak out and tell someone professional or a friend or family member.
Be aware of others’ behaviour. Look out for whether a friend or family member is showing signs of stress or withdrawal. You don’t need to try to solve their problems for them, but you can be a listening ear or give a shoulder to cry on, and show you care.

Be aware of mental health at Christmas. #WeezLove;