Weez Week 2022: Be the One

14-20 February 2022

For this year’s Weez Week, we encourage you to Be the One to take action to help prevent youth suicide, reduce the stigma around the topic, and to raise awareness for suicide prevention. The more each of us does, the greater are the chances of saving a young life. Join us and Be the One #weezbetheone

How can you Be the One?

There are different ways in which you can Be the One:

Join Weez Walk 2022 around the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail

Support Weez Walk 2022 by making a donation

Send a message of support on the Weez Wall of Hope

Inspired by the WHO awareness World Suicide Prevention Day campaign, Creating Hope through Action, we’re asking you to take action to help prevent youth suicide. 

It might sound simple to say everyone has a role, yet we all have our part to play, large or small. We can all contribute to making a difference. Examples include pushing back on stigma, taking care of ourselves, looking out for others, joining a training course, talking openly about suicide, helping to raise funds.

Weez Week Events

Street art is again a big aspect of Weez Week, and huge thanks go to HK Walls for their generous support in identifying locations, artists and the supply of huge quantities of paint to make these amazing art pieces happen.

Cath Love’s art at AIA Vitality Park
  • Cath Love has created a poignant piece about talking, connection and a shared interest in art to help unwind from daily stresses. It’s already on display at the AIA Vitality Park, so go check it out.
  • Also at Vitality Park, there will be a harbour-facing mural, painted by local artist Xeme.

Use the Weez Wall of Hope to record your personal action, and share it with friends and family and to inspire others to act. Let us show collectively how much we can all achieve.