Weez Week 2023

13-19 February 2023

Weez Week is Weez Project’s primary campaign period to raise awareness about youth suicide prevention.  It is held each February, the month Jamie made his decision in 2017 to take his own life.  This year, we continue with the campaign theme Be the One.

We encourage you to Be the One to take action to help prevent youth suicide. Actions can reduce stigma, start important conversations, promote help-seeking behaviour and raise awareness. The more people there are who take action, the greater are the chances of saving a young life. Join us and Be the One #weezbetheone

How can you Be the One?

There are many ways in which you can Be the One:

You can Be the One to

  • Talk openly about suicide
  • Listen without judgement
  • Notice unusual behaviour changes
  • Advocate for mental health education to be included in your child’s school curriculum
  • Ask “are you ok?”
  • Walk in others’ shoes
  • Initiate conversations
  • Proactively keep in touch with those care about
  • Treat mental health in the same way you do physical health
  • Act with empathy.  Instead of “what’s the matter with you”, ask “What matters to you” (Ref Dr Manaan Kar Ray)
  • Learn about mental health conditions and the language of mental health
  • See the good in everyone and every day

Weez Wall of Hope

Use the Weez Wall of Hope to record your personal action, and share it with friends and family and to inspire others to act. Let us show collectively how much we can all achieve.

Weez Week Events

Two regular Weez Week events come together in Weez Week 2023 – Weez Walk and Weez Art.

Weez Walk 2023 has seen hundreds of participants following the Hong Kong Island coastal trail.

In addition to the delights of urban, coastal and rural Hong Kong, participants were treated to various unique pieces of Weez Art along the way, each created especially for the Weez Project by local artists, many being commissioned by the amazingly creative and supportive HKwalls.

There are urban murals, art pieces overlooking the coast as well  as art installations  added into the country park scenery.  Each tells its own story of mental health and  participants can reflect on their own wellbeing and that of their loved ones.

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