Remembering Jamie

Two years ago we lost our fabulous son who meant the complete world to us. On this saddest of anniversaries, we hold on to our cherished memories of who he was, all the amazing things he did, all he achieved and what he gave to us all throughout his unfairly shortened life. We think of who he could have been and what he would have done to enrich life and the lives of so many others with his creativity, imagination and spirit. Jamie, we miss you more than ever.

Jamie lives on in our hearts. His legacy is reflected in the Weez Project and we will continue our mission to promote an essential understanding of mental health issues in young people, their parents and their schools. By improving knowledge and challenging stigma, we aim that all young people know what do do if they are not feeling good, know how to care for themselves and their friends, and how to ask for help, and that those they ask are confident to help.